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The BibleMate Bible Studies are a series of periodic Bible studies rooted in sound Reformed Doctrines that teach the priniciples of the Bible in a thorough and systematic fashion.

These studies can be downloaded from this website free of charge from the Back Issues page.

Study Outline

The studies are put together in a systematic fashion where we breakdown the study topic into several chapters. After the introduction to the study, each chapter question is first answered through a Pastoral Response. Here, the Pastor answers the question at hand in his own words and explains the Biblical concepts that surround the question. This Pastoral Response is then reinforced with verses from the Bible. The core of the study focuses on the Bible verses. The pastor will set each verse into its historical context and explain the circumstances that surround the writing of the passage. He may also use this section of the study to delve into the original language if necessary to better explain the meaning of the verse. Following the historical context, we list several Study Questions that encourages you to draw your own conclusions as to what is being said in the passage. Next, we list several cross-references that will either reinforce or reiterate the verse in question or help answer some of the study questions or set the context of the passage being discussed. Finally, the Pastor will write a short commentary on the passage being discussed that should tie all the points together.

This systematic approach is repeated for each of the verses and for each of the chapters in the study. The study is finally concluded with the Pastor's Conclusion by which time we hope that the points being discussed have been made abundantly clear.

Group Study

The format of this study works just as well with an individual as it does with an entire group. In fact, the study may lend itself even better towards group study, as the study questions should spark some good interaction between the members. It is suggested that the study leader should read aloud the Chapter Question and the Pastoral Response and then ask the Study Questions for members of the group to discuss and answer. People in the group should look up and read out loud the cross-references and the group should discuss the meaning of these verses and its connection to the topic at hand. After discussion about a study question has abated, the group leader should then read out loud the Pastoral Commentary before proceeding to the next Supporting Verse.

Each chapter should take about an hour to an hour and a half to complete, but the time frame could be lengthened or shortened depending upon the amount of discussion that takes place. Each study has about four chapters on average, thereby providing you with enough material to study for the entire month.

More Information

Please visit the Gospel Message page to see a sample of the Bible studies you can expect to receive and meet our staff to find out more about the authors.

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